Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too close to my life

I think someone from youtube is following me. I had my headlamp duct taped for several weeks recently.


Kireliols said...

OH my god! I was so hoping it would be like that and it was! I am CRYING right now from laughing. Thanks for my early morning ab workout. Our van has been without a rearview mirror for 3 months and for some reason we lost FM radio but AM works just fine.

michaelg said...

That is too funny. What age do the kids need to reach before you can ditch the mini-van for something a little more sophisticated and less sticky? Or is it the parent's ultimate revenge to give the teenage kids the mini-van to drive to highschool in front of god and all their friends?

michaelg said...

In the Star Tribune tonight:

Bloomington mom crossing street with daughter is hit by minivan

I bet she hates mini-vans even more now.