Sunday, August 5, 2007


Time for another family vacation. Why is it that the work involved is ten times more stressful? Is it worth it? We're off the the great North Shore. Hoping to get in lots of hiking, lake watching, and harbor cruising. The kids are hankering for smoked fish and new sweatshirts.

But for today it's loads of laundry, packing, cooking, packing, vacing the car, packing. We're going in true trailer trash fashion: our 10 year old van with 120,000 miles on it, hail dents, and a busted headlamp expertly repaired with no less than duct tape! We were hit last week by a load of adults that shouldn't reproduce, much less be driving around unsupervised.

To seal the deal we may top off the van with our soft-sided car top carrier. Now all we need is a Wall Drug bumper sticker.

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