Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Today Sucked

Today just blew.

And I really feel bad saying that because I have friends grieving their son, and two friends grieving husbands, and of course let's not forget all the hungry and homeless people all over the world and really who am I to complain about my centrally-heated American life anyway?  But today still blew . . . in a relative white person in America who has food, a job, a car, a family, and no major illnesses sort of way..

1. Our computer has a virus, AGAIN.  And I learned that in April our OS will no longer be updated by Microsoft, or some such techy problem.  So it's buy a new one, or update an old one for $$$$.

2. Our printer is STILL broken.  This POS has been the raspberry seed in my wisdom tooth since we bought it.

3. I made a new multi-ingredient recipe for the crock pot and forgot to add the tomato paste.  So tomorrow it's getting marinara over the top and we'll hope for the best.

4. I've lost 25 lbs but it's still not enough, and I must face the fact that FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE I cannot eat all the brownies or chips-and-dip that I want.

5. Loaded up on good cheap choices at the grocery store only to have my debit card malfunction.  I got home at supper time hungry and grocery-less.  So mad at the world I ate a cheese quesadilla.  And see #4 by the way.

6. I read about the Hawaiian legislator who took a sledge hammer to abandoned grocery carts so the homeless can't use them, and that McDonalds advises it's own poor and hungry employees to break their food into small pieces so they feel fuller, and that we are all subsidizing Wal Mart profits to the tune of nearly $6000 per employee because their low wages keep their employees on food stamps.

If I smoked I'd light up right now.  Perhaps a drink will do it.


SkylersDad said...

I will join you in that drink my friend!

brewella deville said...

Whirlwinds of suck seem to come out of nowhere and they make me want to scream. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

can you please click on this site
we need more democrats in office.

Coaster Punchman said...

Ah, well we all need to let it out at some point. And the Bluntcard you display has some great advice!