Thursday, November 7, 2013

Needed - a cook

I seriously hate the chore of planning and cooking dinner.
I used to be more June-Cleaver-inclined, and I could be again if I didn't have to work full time.  After an 8 hour day, I want Ward to meet ME at the door with a cocktail.  Then scuttle back to the kitchen where good smelling things are happening while I go to my den and read the newspaper.  Then Ward can call me at 6pm to belly-up to the roast beef and mashed potatoes.  Heck, I'd even wash the dishes!  Cuz I'm all about equality that way.

But instead I'm married to a great guy who is absolutely NOT Emeril.  He can heat frozen pizza  - period.

There's still a 14-year-old at home and she can occasionally boil up some pasta, but that gets old. 

Seriously I'd do anything if you one of you want to take over the cooking.  I'll even take in your laundry!  Time to quit blogging and hit the grocery store.  Guess it's broiler chicken again tonight.  "Hey Family, get in here and eat your fill of antibiotic and hormone-filled crap!"


brewella deville said...

I hear you. I remember my mom coming home after an eight hour day. Laundry, dinner, and any other chores that needed doing were done by her, and later by the both of us because my dad never did lift a finger around the house. No wonder she had about five meals she made in rotation for most of her life.

Coaster Punchman said...

I enjoy cooking too, but to have to do it every day is too much for me. Which is why I was so lucky to land PG who actually does enjoy whipping things up. On the rare occasion when he says "I don't feel like cooking, can we go out?" I am always thrilled beyond words, since eating out is just about my favorite thing in the world. Also on this note, I will tell you this is the thing I actually do appreciate about good ole' Rachael Ray. Her show was designed to show people how to whip up homemade things in a hurry. Many of her recipes are like (insert pic of guy with finger down throat) but I did learn a few little tidbits from her that I still use.

Dr. MVM said...

I'll cook for you but you gotta move to Johnson City. I'm not about to come to MN.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have two words for you:


Maybe it's only one word, I dunno, but I'm guessing that coming home to a meal of slow roasted meats and vegetables is probably awesome in Minnesota this time of year.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

oops, now I see that you have already got a crockpot recipe down there.

2 more words then:

MommyLisa said...

Thankfully for me t-bone's first wife was a HORRENDOUS cook - and he doesn't like to eat dinner at 7pm. He gets home at 3:30 - he cooks all the weeknight dinners. In FACT I have to PULL AWAY cooking meals on the weekends from him.