Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gloria In Excelsis Cookies

My local pal and unauthorized co-blogger Mama in Wonderland was musing on Christmas Cookies today.  Like her, I believe that at the Holidays, baking truly unnecessary amounts of cookies is obligatory.  I can't eat them all but I sure like baking them.  What would the Santa Season be with my annual Cookie Day with the fabulous MG?  Or my cookie exchange with fellow bloggers, or my book club?

At our house, the twins are exiting the jaded teen "I don't care about Christmas Traditions" years just as cupcake is entering it.  Cupcake has always been my cookie partner - we'll see how it all shakes out this year.  But the cookies WILL be made!  Give them to friends who don't bake - they'll stay on your good side year 'round to keep that gift coming.

From Four Midwestern Sisters' Christmas Book by Holly J. Burkhalter
"More than any other holiday food, Christmas cookies hurtle you straight back to your childhood.  Everything else may have changed, but Christmas cookies still taste exactly the way they did when you were five.
We happen to think that cookies are the staff of life, all year round.  But at Christmas they are much, much more.  Their once-a-year specialness is what sets the holidays apart and remind you of Mom, and Grandma, and all the cookie bakers who have loved you.  They turn the kitchen into the center of the universe and pull us in like a magnet."

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Shannon said...

Wonderful post!!! And so true. Thanks, Margaret! You're the best.