Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer so far

Watch my summer unfold over here.

Meanwhile, feeling so mad and depressed I could spit nails or curl into the fetal position.  My hours have been cut yet again because the GOP thinks protecting the rich is more important than my job.  At our public school I match kids with college and parent tutors - 3 of them "graduated" to the honor roll!  I also work with a mentoring program. Paying me to do this through school funding and govt grants is dirt cheap for taxpayers.  It helps these kids finish school and have some hopes for a decent job someday, maybe even home ownership, which turns them into taxpayers.  I'd say it's a darned good return on our investment.

Oh you know where I'm going with all this.  I'm just disgusted with our voting populace right now.  Listen to Fox "News" and Rush Limbaugh and believe all the lies and fear they spew - then vote against your country's strength and rip out it's heart.  The rich will always survive much more comfortably than the rest of us proletariat.  But the wealthy media moguls have perfectly calmed the hordes who should be carrying pitchforks and demanding their heads on a platter.

Our country is only as strong as our working class.  They are our canary-in-a-coal mine.  If the extreme lower middle class can buy a car every now and then, take a few car trips, buy a fishing boat or TV, that will keep us humming.  The rich don't need any one's help!  But somehow they've convinced the huddled masses that government services are evil.  Even those folks standing squarely in the MIDDLE of govt services believe it!

All kinds of folks are crying in the streets over Casey Anthony (which we should - I'm not heartless).  But right now, RIGHT NOW, children and fragile elderly are being hurt, abused, and starved because of program cuts or state shut-downs and there is no public outcry.

We should be collectively ramming down the doors of Congress and statehouses right now, demanding fully funded programs for the lower and middle class.  We should also be demanding a restoration of taxes on the wealthy.  But we're all too busy with our 2nd and 3rd jobs, or hanging on the phone haggling with our health insurance company.  And that's just they way "they" want it.

Disgusted - that's me right now


lisahgolden said...

Me, too.

MommyLisa said...

more and more every passing day.

Jeni said...

What's the halfway point between where you are in Iowa and where I am here in central Pennsylvania? I want to know this and think you and I should make plans to go to that point someday and meet there -just to shake hands, if nothing else, maybe enjoy some conversation over coffee or a brew or two -whatever -because I do believe you and I must be kindred spirits, at least politically speaking! Keep talking, Girlfriend. Hopefully someday these canaries in the coal mines will be heard and recognized for having some valid ideas!

Anonymous said...

Most of the canaries I know insist on voting against their better interests, so is it any wonder it feels as if we're doomed? The other day I heard a momversation, two women complaining about the economy, and yet, in their own words, they hope more Republicans get in office because they don't want schools teaching sex ed. Hmmmm... clearly running the economy into the ground is far more preferable to Little Sally learning what the word labia means.

SkylersDad said...

I was pissed before and now I am more pissed just reading this. When will we learn?

I am beginning to think never.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I know a lot of people that act just as kirby said--they vote against their own interests.

Mauigirl said...

Totally agree with every word.

Sheleta said...

Why is it that we think that we can pull ourselves out of this mess without educating our kids? What you're doing is taking kids off the welfare rolls, one child at a time. By providing mentors.
I don't understand our country. I'm ready to move to Canada. Help me understand something: we tell a woman NOT to have an abortion. That killing her baby is the ultimate sin, right? But then when she does have the baby, the same group of Republicans don't want to give her any government funds to help provide for her child.
Wait, John Boehner, you want her to have the baby but don't want to help her feed it? She's a sinner if she kills it and lazy if she needs help with diapers and formula.
Yeah, Canada is sounding a lot better right now.