Thursday, May 27, 2010


I know you've all been waiting with wicked anticipation so here she is:
What should I call her?
I feel like Pee-Wee Herman when I ride her.
"I'm a rebel Dottie"

She's got three speeds that are no different from each other, so she's a workout even on the little hills around here. I figure she's about 30+ years old.
The salvage guy threw in the baskets for FREE!

I also bought this lovely 21 speeder with front suspension. She's superior for riding, but without beach handle bars my hands grow numb and painful.
But for $50 for BOTH bikes, how could I turn it down???

Yard-a-palooza. The Universe took me away from my own backyard, but look what she gave me in the meantime . . . . lilacs AND bridal wreath spirea. And marshland to boot!

By suppertime Monday, this area will be a 6' x 13' raised bed garden planted with beets, onions, lettuces, spinach, herbs, carrots, etc. and a dahlia or two just for fun.

How lovely in the sunset.
I just finished mowing that whole yard. My heart rate is way up - what a workout!


SkylersDad said...

Your place looks great, and what a deal on the bikes!

michaelg said...

If your hands are going numb, you may:
1. Have a death grip on your handlebars. Loosen up!
2. Need your seat or handlebar height adjusted.
3. Could benefit from some biking gloves.

I suspect #2 is the case. Experiment.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Get that garden planted before the summer snows start.

Some Guy said...

If you get some time, how about posting a video of you popping wheelies on the first bike.

Kireliols said...

Is that a Schwinn Suburban in the top photo? I had one exactly that color with the baskets- left it in Decorah years and years ago...did you get it from Decorah? =) Wow. Love it. who needs a Electra Daisy bike when you've got grocery baskets on a Schwinn...

Churlita said...

Awesome bikes! How exciting. I'm going to try to finally finish planting the last of my stuff today too. I've got some more lilies and daisies to get in teh ground today.

Anonymous said...

Nice score on the bikes. My aunt and uncle had a his/her pair just like that one, of course they never rode them. So when we visited we'd always thrash them. No wonder that guy hated us.

Distributorcap said...

i wish i had a bike