Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thank a teacher

I have been doing a lot of substitute teaching lately, and let me just say "Thank You All Public School Teachers!". From the outside it looks like a cushy job - summers off, pupils gone at 3pm, etc. But let me tell you this is one tough working arena.

I've spent some time lately at our Alternative Learning Center (which the students themselves like to call Assholes Last Chance). It's for the HS kids on the edge, and I mean ON THE EDGE. You have to put up with lots of vulgarity and over-the-top bravodo about sexual, alcoholic, and substance exploits. Being told "Suck it Bitch" is not out of the ordinary for these teachers. Neither is confiscating weapons and drugs. But someone dropped the ball on these kids, and I try to see the 5-yr-old still in there who didn't get what they needed.

This week has also seen me subbing at the High School and Middle School. After even one day at the ALC, these buildings seem like heaven. Like Kirelimel, I've been in the Special Education rooms a lot. These kids are great, and I seem to get along with them splendidly. Perhaps it was the five years I spent working with adults with special needs and mental illness. Or maybe it's just my penchant for the underdog.

These teachers show up each and every day and take on all these issues. They get about 15 minutes to eat lunch. They have to attend classes outside of school hours to keep their license. They have to function as social workers. They have to function as parents. They are surrounded by kids who smell like BO and cigarettes. They have to defend each and every dollar spent in their classroom. They often buy their own office supplies.

So to all teachers - THANK YOU.

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Unknown said...

Nice to finally have something positive said about us! Thank you! Hope you're still teaching, sounds like you're a natural. :)