Sunday, January 25, 2015

SICK is my middle name

How in the world did I get sick so soon after my Holiday O'Influenza??!!
I'm down again, but this time I get aches so bad it hurts to use the potty.  And a fever of 102.  You could cook an egg on me, but please don't because every inch of my skin hurts.  I had read that Hot Toddies are good for this, so I mixed up a bit of tea, honey, lemon, hot water, and whiskey.  It tasted like compost juice, but I drank it down.  Just felt sicker and a bit stupid.

I've been laying on the sofa slipping in and out of conciousness.  Property Brothers and Mike & Molly have entered my sick dreams, where coworkers insist that I choose the granite for the new office space even though I'm clearly in my pajamas being arrested for smelling so vile.

I need a magic immune system bullet.

1 comment:

Churlita said...

Hey, At least you're funny when you're sick. I just whine. I hope you are feeling better now.