Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What not to say

If someone you know is trying to lose weight, please refrain from the following . . .

1.  Telling them that the vegetables they are eating are high glycemic.  They are VEGETABLES for chrissake not M&Ms
2.  Telling them they need to add more weight or length or height or depth to their exercise.  If they are moving at all, shut up.
3.  Remarking on their choice of salad toppings.  They are easing away from Big Macs into healthy choices so just support them.
4.  Telling them they COULD be losing weight faster if they really wanted to.  Maybe, maybe not.  But they could also be gaining weight so again, just support them.
5.  Unless you've lost a significant amount of weight yourself, do not tell them you understand.
6.  Do not EVER tell them they lack willpower.  Some folks have a much harder time stepping away from food.  Same way some folks crave alcohol, or cigarettes, or reality TV.
7.  Making negative comments about their method.
8.  Getting into a conversation about all your most hated body parts and how fat you look.  That's just depressing.
9.  Saying "It's about time you lard ass!"
10.  Contradicting their doctor's advice about food, exercise, medications, etc unless you can produce your own license to practice medicine and nutrition services.
11. Being the food police.  Nothing makes someone want to bitch-slap you more than commenting or giving dirty looks over their food choices.

But feel free to . . . .
1.  Tell them every chance you get that you love them no matter what.
2.  Enjoy their company and not watch their food intake.
3.  Go for walks with them, at their pace.
4.  Have them over for yummy healthy food, without remarking how healthy it is
5.  Tell them how good they look
6.  Tell them you admire their strength


Unknown said...

I love this and I need to lose weight. I love and admire you from afar my dear.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I needed to read this because sometimes I am guilty as charged.

Fran said...

Your candor, as always, is a real gift!!! And these words are all completely ON TARGET.

Treats said...

I'd love to walk with you sometime. I think you are beautiful just the way you are AND admire that you're working at being healthier. A post like this is good for me to read. I'm so good at saying the wrong thing!

Atta girl!

Anonymous said...

Try not to let the bastards get you down.

Cheesecake Maven said...

Guilty - as charged. Sorry!!

SkylersDad said...

Words to love by, and I bet you look wonderful!

Shannon said...

Amen, lady! I admire you in every way. Sorry this comment is belated!