Friday, September 23, 2011

Shower Observations

Once in a while I have to put my contacts in before I shower.  That way I can see how much it needs cleaning.

I kinda like that burning feeling when your feet are cold and you jump into a hot shower.

I can slather kisses on my husband, but step on one of his hairs in the tub?  Ewwwww GROSS!

Why can't someone make a shampoo/soap bracket for the shower that actually holds the soap in place, no matter how thin it gets?

Minnesota has some serious hard water issues.  It's like bathing in chalk sometimes.

Why do I always think I hear the phone, the door, or someone calling me while the water is running?

When my hair is wet and towel dried I slightly resemble Larry from the 3 Stooges.  But without the bald spot.

Teen girls can drain a hot water tank in under 15 minutes.

Giant cheap bottles of shampoo from Costco do not fit on the average tub edge.

The difference between warm and scalding on our shower handle is about 1/150th of an inch.

Aren't you glad you used Dial?  Don't you wish everybody did?


Kireliols said...

I have taken to scrubbing the shower when I take a shower- and I just use soap and scrub cloth- I doubt it does that great a job but at least taking a bath wouldn't require a haz-mat team first. That is if one could take a bath in my tub since the drain has no plug (except for all the hair- three females with long hair makes for one nasty drain...)

Anonymous said...

My husband is a bath guy. It's not an issue in the apartment, he can refill the tub as much as he likes and he'll never drain the giant boilers. It's a different story when we're at my dad's place. It pisses me off to no end when I go to wash the dinner dishes and there's no hot water.

It makes me wonder, has your husband ever installed one of those tankless endless water heaters in a home? Do they actually work?

Mnmom said...

Kirby - they DO! If we could afford it I'd get one. Or solar water heating.

Unknown said...

I hate cleaning the shower, we have a large shower, all that crappy could use a re-grouting.
I love now that it's mostly just 3 of us, and never a problem with hot water!!

MommyLisa said...

I know that foot feeling! ;)

MommyLisa said...

I know that foot feeling! ;)

SkylersDad said...

Sharing 6 shower stalls with over 100 guys in the Navy cured me of any issues I might have had with things you find in the shower.

Shannon said...

OMG, I have the SAME issue with thinking I hear someone calling me or the phone ringing when I'm in the shower. Or, actually, I usually think someone is crying.

Churlita said...

Our shower liner thing is old and gross and it sucks, because it is full of the previous owner's stains. But it costs like 200 some dollars to replace it, so we're stuck with it for a while, anyway.