Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was a weird kid

My parents had this groovy stereo - like the one pictured.  They were music lovers and had all manner of LP's - Herb Alpert, Marian Anderson, classical, musicals, etc.  I spent many hours laying on the carpet between the stereo and the wall, listening.  I can still smell it - the hot dust of the stereo and my dog next to me.

Once I had a dream that the neighbors' TV was visible through their roof furnace vent.  They were watching I Love Lucy.  I looked for that screen for many years after that.

I used to think women just "got" pregnant - like catching a cold.

My sister and I used to pretend we could speak a foreign language - we'd "talk" that way for hours. 

To this day, I swear a cat's eye marble squeaked at me when I was 5.

I used the think the turning signal, or the "cull-tinker" as we called it, was a homing device, letting us know we were rounding the corner for home.

In one rental house, we had this weird linen closet that started about 3 feet off the ground.  I used to climb up in there because I just liked the smell.

During one late-night trip to the bathroom in that house, I convinced my 5-year-old self that The Incredible Hulk was waiting down the hallway to jump me.  I yelled for my Mom, until she came stumbling from a sound sleep.  I couldn't admit the truth, so I told her I just thought it was nice to walk together.

When I would yell for my parents in the night I would start softly "mom?, mom?" and soon crescendo to "MOM!".  Somehow it seemed better to start quietly.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a blast from the past, that stereo cabinet.

Unknown said...

Ok, we had a stereo like that, but with a TV in the middle. Lots of good times!!

Life As I Know It Now said...

I love this post! You are so sweet :)

Cheesecake Maven said...

I used to believe there was a miniature live band behind that cloth covering the speakers. It used to freak me out because I wondered what they all did when we turned them off. Did they roam our house? Raid the fridge? (This is one of my very earliest memories.)

Churlita said...

When I was little, I would put my hand up and cover my eyes and yell, "I can't see my hand!" so that my mom would open the door more and let some light in my room.

Oh, and I just got a document for one of your daughter's at work and I smiled really big when I saw your name.