Monday, October 25, 2010


Proof that age is sneaking up on me, or rather that it jumped me full force armed with hammers, tasers, and a bull whip:

1. We walked all over the University of Iowa campus this weekend, and you'd think I'd climbed Mt. Everest.
2. I stepped in a pothole on Sunday, rolled my ankle, skinned my knees and hands, and needed a bag of ice for the pain.  Next stop: broken hip.
3. During our college visit I marveled at all the new technology and actually said "the hell!" once or twice.
4. The 19+ girls going to the clubs looked like "working girls" - but then again my 16-year-olds agreed.  I'm talking fetish-height stilettos, mini skirts, and leather bustiers . . . . in Iowa . . . in October.
5. I order everything with NO ONIONS
6. The reflection in the mirrors of my old college haunts have all changed.

So one college visit down - several yet to go.  Our twins were quite impressed with the Hawkeye Visit Day, and so was I .  It's an entirely different approach nowadays - another piece of evidence - I just said "nowadays".


MommyLisa said...

Unless those onions are camelized and NOT RED I am also no onion. :P

Hope the remaining college visits go well.

Churlita said...

Damn. I wish the timing had been better. I work in the admissions office, so I could at least have popped out to see you guys, but I left early to help the guy come home from the hospital. Our dorm food is surprisingly good, isn't it?

And yes, to the hookerishness of the girls' dressing here. It's even worse at Halloween, if you can believe that...

Shannon said...

Nowadays! Ha ha ha ha. Love it. :)

SkylersDad said...

You say young girls dressing like hookers as if that's a bad thing... ;^)

Mauigirl said...

I hear you. I find myself saying things like, "When I was a kid..." sigh.

Sorry to hear of the tumble you took. I too have been noticing a tendency to twist my ankles as I age. I sprained one last year and the other the year before! And when I go hiking in the woods at our cabin on the bumpy, rocky gravel path, I use a walking stick to avoid yet another sprained ankle! No, it's not a cane...but it works like one!