Sunday, August 8, 2010

Target broke my heart

Dear Target,

You have taken the best years and dollars of my life and broken my heart into a million pieces!  I hope you become as lousy as Wal Mart, and can't get any great Mom's to shop you.  Evidently you never DID deserve me you lyin' sack of dog poop.  I thought I was supporting the lesser of the big box evils.  You told me you were supportive of gay families.  You told me you were supportive of my community.  You are headquartered in my state.  But you LIE.

The horrendous new rule that corporations have the same rights as individuals does not give you license to act like an ass.  You think I'm going to buy that line that you only did it for us?  That you only backed Tom Emmer because he was a "business friendly candidate"?  Did you forget that the people who keep you business are in fact, actual people?  And plenty of them are GAY and GAY FRIENDLY like me and my family?

Did you know that lousy MN gubernatorial candidate you favor, Tom Emmer, wants to lower the minimum wage for wait staff because he believes tips make them wealthy?  You must have forgotten all those waiters that shop at your place.  What did you think would happen when their meager wages disappeared?  Oh sure he's backpedaling off that statement now.  He also "pals around" (to use one of right's favorite phrases) with some folks who openly advocate violence toward my LGBT friends and family.

There may be some forgiveness inside me, maybe.  MAYBE.  But here's what has to happen first.  You fire that CEO who swam in the cowpie in the first place.  Then to make up for all the hateful stuff you've supported, you make equal contributions to the other side, including the DFL.  Then you publicly apologize for your behavior and publicly state you will never, ever mess with campaigns again.

All I, and all other consumers like me, can hope is that your cheating lying corporate friends see the humiliation you've suffered, especially the drop in your stock.  Even though the supposed Supreme Court gave them the right, actually tampering with our elections will cost them dearly.

Yes OUR elections
remember us?

Expected More, Got Less
Your ex-favorite customer,


Treats said...

I hope they throw the bum out and that other businesses see that we vote with our pocketbooks as well as at the polling place. I worked at Target when I was in high school and have spent scads of money there over the years. Didn't they think they'd piss a bunch of us off?!?

Fran said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? I think I have but I am saying it again and again.

This is so well put. I am so mad at them. I have $86 left on a gift card. Around this household, $86 means something... but I can't bring myself to go there.

Kireliols said...

I'm with you on this! Even though paying 10.49 for a canister of Folger's and nearly a mortgage payment for dog food at my grocery store hurt, it doesn't hurt as much as what Target did. I do hope that they really see a drop in their sales over this.

My kids have heard for years about evil Walmart so when I told them Target was out they whined in chorus, "Where are we gonna shop now?"

Unknown said...

Thank you for your support of the GLBT community. Your loving gay cousin. Me

Shannon said...

So, so depressing. But the reality is that in our small rural town, if you don't have the money to shop the expensive boutiques downtown or order all your kids' stuff online from Lands End and Pottery Barn Kids (or your own stuff, for that matter), and you only have 1 car in your family and you can't be driving 40 minutes each way to the mall in the suburbs all the time, and Target is in your town, with $3 t-shirts and leggings for your preschooler, you will be shopping at Target. Sad but true.

Life As I Know It Now said...

There is no Target where I live so I don't have to worry about shopping there. There is a wally world and I do go there sometimes even though I hate it and I hate the store. I live out in the sticks and that is my only excuse. (hangs head and leaves)

Churlita said...

Wow. That sucks. Another place to boycott now.

dmarks said...
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