Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach Friday #2

Another successful Beach Friday!

Friday July 2nd we ventured to Schulze Lake Beach in Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 800 block of Cliff Road in Eagan.  Took two extra kids, a picnic lunch, and plenty of sunscreen.  The weather was perfect.

My only reservation: it was crowded and I mean CROWDED with little kids.  Like being in an overrun kiddie pool.  At one point, we ventured outside the ropes to do some kid-free water buffaloing and dang if those rugrats didn't follow us with their squirt guns and floaties.  Sometimes I hate kids.

Probably would have been better if I'd ignored the no-alcohol signs and brought some mojitos.  The smokers sure ignored the rules - guess "Smoking Allowed in Parking Lot Only" means "Go ahead and light right up among the crowds of toddlers and babies on the beach".

I need to bring my camera and get actual photos - what kind of irresponsible blogger does a series and doesn't bring their camera along?  A slacker blogger that's who.

Next week will be either St. Croix or a downtown Minneapolis location.


Unknown said...

I'll be looking for actual pictures. I do not enjoy crowds at beaches or in the water.

Dr. MVM said...

I'm still waiting for photos of your blog get together with the gals.

Anti-Supermom said...

I always want to bring my camera to the pool and such, but then I freak out like 'what if it gets wet?' and 'what if someone decides to steal it?'

Cause that would be awesome ;)

We were at the pool on Saturday and really surprised at how quiet it was, funny.

Churlita said...

I hate it when beaches are too crowded. I bet next Friday will be less populated when it isn't a holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but cigarettes could probably melt a hole in those floaties. You could make it look like an accident....