Monday, June 21, 2010


First day of our summer program, and we successfully managed and fed almost 300 kids grades kg through 8th.  This is going to be an interesting job.  I'm in charge of the Middle School portion.  And we take them to the pool once a week!

When they got off their buses it felt much like the photo. But because of our great training and organization we got them all situated.  Now if we can just keep them safe, occupied, etc for the next 6 weeks . . . . . .

Our internet was down for the last 5 days - first an ISP problem then my router threw a tantrum.  I wish everything just RAN without twelve men and sixteen machines.  Remember the old days when there was one phone company and they just fixed it??  No tech people overseas who walked you through all kinds of nonsense only to tell you you have to call NETGEAR.

The weather word here is RAIN.  The sun comes out every 4th day just long enough to allow us to mow.  We have mushrooms galore in the yard.  Mother Nature seems to forget that my garden needs some sun now and then.

I think I've just written one of my top 5 most boring posts.


Lesli said...

I just read your comment on my blog. So you are friends with Kelly?? I am really loving this book & am bummed that I forgot it at work tonight!

Mnmom said...

Yes, I am! Her daughter is friends with my twins.

Shannon said...

I think our next door neighbor (age 7) is doing that summer program this year, the elementary school age version. She told us they're going to the pool today. Seriously, your job sounds like it would require superhuman skills. You are made for it, of course.

Hey! Sun today!

Lesli said...

You're not boring!!!

I am still so excited that you are friends with someone from "The Girls from Ames" - I am so enamored of that book right now!