Thursday, January 14, 2010

VINTAGE Birthday photos!

More old slides, and I mean OLD! Today is my birthday, and I turn 48. Hard to believe because I feel basically 27.
Above we have me, on my first birthday.
I'm not sure if the above is my birthday, or my brother's. He's on the far right.

I believe the above is my 4th birthday.

Turning five. Apparently the only guest who showed up is my sister!

Probably my 3rd birthday. The first, last, and only time I was surrounded by attentive men.

Above playing with my new Penny Brite Beauty Salon. Remember I mentioned that in my best gifts of childhood?

"Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went right to my head"


Little Sister said...

Happy Birthday, Sis. I was at your 5th birthday-only there are no pictures of Mom pregnant with me. I am sure she was sticking out a bit at this birthday. Hope your day is filled with awe and wonder and your hours back and health care reform that we can really use!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Margaret!!! I love the vintage pictures......what an adorable baby!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy birthday!

Billie Greenwood said...

Happy birthday, Mnmom. Gotta say once again what a classy woman you are & how I respect you. Have a wonderful day!

SkylersDad said...

Happy Birthday, many happy more to come!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, fellow 48-er.

Churlita said...

Happy birthday! Feeling 27 when you're 48 is what everyone should strive for.

michaelg said...

48? No way. Happy Birthday!

Life As I Know It Now said...

A very happy birthday to you. Smooches and hugs!