Friday, January 1, 2010

Observations from the freezer

New Year's Greetings to all from the frozen wastelands of Minnesota. Our high today is MINUS TWO! I hate this weather. But Minnesotans stay brave - while jumping into freezing water on a zero degree morning. You'll never find me there. I'll be in the coffee shop wearing my long johns and sorrels.

Know what really stinks about this weather? That we still have to go to work, and buy groceries, and put gas in the car even though the very AIR is trying to kill us!! No reprieve. No day off. Just put on your big-girl boots and deal with it.

Some things that have been flying through my mind:

1. How does my husband fall asleep, and snore, while sitting up?

2. Will the Iowa Hawkeyes win Tuesday night, or implode as usual?

3. A small house fosters family togetherness

4. Always keep Rhodes frozen sweet rolls in your freezer, preferably the orange ones.

5. Taking down Christmas decorations makes me sad

6. Do you suppose the "power" that people attribute to a deity is just the collective consciousness of the human race? And that if we all focused hard on peace and happiness, it would happen?

7. This weather sucks - have I mentioned that? I'm ready to move, but where?


Life As I Know It Now said...

Do you suppose the "power" that people attribute to a deity is just the collective consciousness of the human race? And that if we all focused hard on peace and happiness, it would happen?

YES! Well, I hope so really hard anyway!

Gosh, I don't know how you do it. I hate it when it's so cold breathing itself hurts.

LoieJ said...

Minus 30 here when I got up. You are in the SOUTH lady! ha ha.

Kireliols said...

I guess I'm just a true Minnesotan because I did the grocery run with just a shell- no hat or mittens, I didn't know it was really that cold until I heard it on the radio.

I do, in fact, have Rhodes sweet rolls- the orange ones- in the freezer!! It's like looking in a mirror sometimes.

Shannon said...

I feel the same way about taking down the Xmas decorations (did it yesterday), I have similar wonderings about how my husband can fall immediately back to sleep anytime the girls awaken us during the night, and I am unfamiliar with Rhodes sweet rolls but now want one. As for moving, I feel that way every January too, but then again at the turn of every single season I am excited about and glad the new one. So many places with less-harsh winters also have less glorious seasons, or fewer. Am I right?

Mauigirl said...

Those people who jump into the water on New Year's Day are just nuts. They do it in Lake George too.

Love the idea of the collective consciousness instead of God.

I too hate taking down the decorations. Won't do it till next weekend though. Last year we didn't put up a tree or decorations and while it was kind of a downer not to have them up before Christmas, the day after Christmas I was thrilled that I didn't have to take them down! This year we put them up and I'm already dreading the task...

Fran said...

And I thought it was cold here... *sigh*

As Mauigirl mentioned, we have a Lake George Polar Bear thing. It was yesterday, we were going to go watch but Mark has a bad cold so we did not. I had several friends who did this... I will not ever be among them!

As for power and diety and peace - well as one who does believe in God, I think that instead of just doing it for us, God would like us to indeed collectively focus on this, live like this and be this. So not so far from what you pose.

That said, we humans suck at that, don't we?

One day at a time and as Yoda says, Don't think - do!

Anonymous said...

We have people out here who think it's badass to swim around the Balboa Pier every New Year's Day. I hear the water even once got down to a chilly 42 degrees. Next year, can I send all of them out your way?

Churlita said...

My first homeowner crisis was waking up to frozen pipes yesterday. It still blows me away that in 6 months it could be 100 degrees.

I totally believe in the power of positive thinking. Let's try it.