Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aren't we wonderful???

Seems like everyone is blogging about their cooking skills these days, so I thougt I'd chime in. This is our Saturday here in Minnesota, and our cooking endeavors. First off, it's butt-numbing cold again. The wind is shrieking around the house like agitated abortion clinic protestors. Looks like a snow-globe out there. This photo depicts our fire pit with cooking irons.

So since it's so cold, we made a pan of baked beans with bacon on top. When survival is paramount, we go straight for the high fat foods. Yes, of course we have good central heat but you just never know up here so you'd better fatten up good. You know what happened to the Donner party.

Next we decided that fattening up meant sugar cookies. And in honor of Valentine's day they'd better be heart-shaped.

While the kids continued to roll out dough, I checked on the food supply in the garage. While there I made sure the van was still as dirty as could be - yep! Still dirty as hell and covered in road salt. You can hear the rust laughing at me if you listen really close.

See the piles of mud, crud, road salt, and snow on the garage floor? Here in the frozen tundra we call that car poop. It's a pain to sweep and shovel out. It turns black and slick, like oil but with absolutely no value on the export market. This photo is a mild pile of car poop - it's usually about 6 inches deep.

Finally the cookies were done. In my younger days, I would have fussed over them and created little creative marvels. But I have kids and hence many of my standards are in the toilet. So I just quickly frosted them and let the 8-year-old do the sprinkles. Third graders are much too liberal with embellishments - those sugary bb's are now all over my floor.

That's pretty much our Saturday. I also dyed my hair and we watched Urban Cowboy on TV in between cookie batches. Aren't we just something special????


kirelimel said...

where in the world are you finding those silver dragees for the cookies? I can't find them anywhere!

We made homemade soft pretzels today. I'd take photos but we ate them already.

Mnmom said...

The silver dragees were in my cupboard. They've probably been there for 3 years.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yes you are.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Oh, I wanna come over and play too! It may be a huge old cold mondo drag, but you are making it sound awfully good.