Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not a good response

This story makes me very sad. I don't see anything good coming from folks carrying concealed weapons to protect themselves against random shooters. I don't even pretend to have to answers to this craziness, but having fearful adolescents carrying firearms seems like a horribly bad idea. How do we, as a society, grab the reins of reason?? How CAN we protect ourselves against unexplained and seemingly unmotivated violence?? Some questions just keep me awake at night. I suspect I'm not alone.


Ben-Bob said...

New York made it extremely difficult to have a gun in the city, which is a big part of why NYC now has one of the lowest murder rates in the country.

I gotta say, I see folks coming into the ER with various wounds, and I don't have a lot of confidence that if they had been armed that they would have done much to calm things down....

2HelpUs said...

I agree - It's a scary enough world out there without people adding more weapons to it!

Michael Cowan said...

I have a concealed weapons permit and I carry it wherever I go.

It is my right to legally carry a gun. It is my right to take steps to defend myself against violent criminals who either via genetics or practice are more capable of hurting me than I them.

Guns are an equalizer. They give women and men the ability to protect themselves against larger more dominate criminals.

Having a gun means that I don't have to cower in fear as I am beat to death by a group of minorities over some court ruling I had no part of.

Having a gun means that I don't have to stand by as a group of men attacks and rapes my wife while holding me down.

Your choice to walk through life and hope for the best has no bearing on my legal rights.

If you really want to help save lives and prevent tragedy .. focus on the damage done by drunk, elderly and teen drivers.

Even the most grossly over blown gun statistics (which like to include police shootings, suicides, hunting accidents, ect..) do not come close all the people killed and maimed while driving.

You are more likely to get injured or killed by a car than by a gun.