Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I May Not Miss

When my children are grown and gone, I know I'll miss so many things - it will be a heartache for sure. But some things, not so much. Older parents out there - set me straight if need be.

1. Hair brushes, hair bands, ponytail holders, and all other hair products in every nook and cranny.
2. Slumber parties
3. "Can I have a playdate over?"
4. Being interrupted in the bathroom every single time
5. Dirty socks, taken off at random and left there
6. Disney Channel & Nickelodeon
7. Constant bickering
8. Kids who play in public restrooms - seriously - if there's foamy soap there it'll take us an extra 5 minutes.
9. Having my office supplies disappear. What is it with girls and tape, highlighters, scissors, and staplers. Don't even get me STARTED on the post-it notes. And it does absolutely NO GOOD to get them their own. They'll always prefer mine.
10. Dishing out cash.
11. "Quit playing with those crutches . . . because you don't NEED to play with those crutches . . . I mean it!! Put them back in the basement . . . RIGHT NOW! . . . DID YOU HEAR ME??! . . . PUT THOSE CRUTCHES BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!"
Repeat 10 times.
12. Candyland & Chutes and Ladders. My Bad Mom admission: when our youngest was 3, I threw them away. When the twins were little, I stacked the Candyland deck with all the double squares and threw out all the single square cards.
13. The end-of-the-year elementary school talent show.


kirelimel said...

You are genius! I never thought about chucking the single squares! Oh and let's part with Mr. Mint- I get yelled at if they draw that. If given the chance I will stack the deck in their favor- Queen Frostine after the third draw. Oh how I hate Candy Land. I've lived too long with the shame of it. Thanks for freeing me.

Mnmom said...

Always stack the deck - ALWAYS!

Bubs said...

Oh yeah

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Ah the joys of childrearing.