Monday, February 4, 2008

The Super Bowl and Sliders

Another Super Bowl Sunday, come and gone.
Way to Go New York Giants! I was rooting for the Giants for two very good reasons:
1. Randy Moss plays for the Patriots, and I did NOT want Randy Moss to enjoy a Super Bowl Victory. While playing for the Vikings here in Minnesota, Randy was the stereotypical punk. He is the King of mean spirited, spoiled professional athletes. All that talent and money and all the guy can do with himself is break the law and generally be a rotten person. One example - while stuck in traffic Mr. Moss believed himself to be entitled to a free trip around. He drove around the mess and bumped the traffic officer with his car, attempting to push her out of the way. I don't like Randy Moss.
2. My husband is a New Yorker. Somehow he ended up a Dallas Cowboys fan since childhood. One of the many mysteries that is my husband's brain. The Giants beat the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl, but at least they were his second pick. So cheer for New York we did.

I made mini-sliders for half time. A pound of good ground beef to which I added lots of minced fresh onion, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, and worc. sauce. Grilled them up well with all the fixins. But alas the buns I bought were just a bit big, so my happy little burgers resembled the "Where's the Beef?" commercial. We ate them anyway and they were delicious. And the house smelled like a great sports bar.

During all this, Hillary Clinton was in the Twin Cities but I just couldn't be bothered. I'm rooting for Obama anyway.


Cheesecake Maven said...

I usually only watch the commercials. This year, I even missed those while playing cards and eating/drinking with the other non-football fans at the party we attended. We cheered whenever anybody else did, regardless of which team scored. Fun party and great food. Did sis R tell you about Rex's "New York Bears"? He's so cute!

Bubs said...

Mmmm. Those sliders look tasty