Sunday, February 17, 2008

Try having THIS in your head!

I spent from 2am until about 5am in our local ER today. Twin #1 has a bad sprain. We're home now, safe and sound, with a splint and crutches, eating buttered toast.
During the entire ER visit, THIS song was stuck in my head. Our blogging pals MG, Kirelimel, and MG's partner all share the burden of having the world's most obnoxious songs creep into our craniums. It was quite a night.


Missy said...

I hope the sprain is ok!

There is this lovely singer names Erin er..something...and she sings cabaret at Jitters on Friday nights. She sings this song and often has a friend there to do the American Sign Language interpretation. Now THAT is entertainment!

She also sings at teh Times on Saturdays I think. She is like a young Bette Midler, even looks ike her!

kirelimel said...

try having that in your head? try having that on your chest!

michaelg said...

Who got the sprain? Will it impede her ability to be a Supermodel?
Ah, Beaches. Thank god that song isn't melodic enough for my melon. Sorry it got stuck in yours.

Mnmom said...

The brunette twin has the sprain, from a volleyball game. She's doing fine but will have a splint on most of this week. Shouldn't impede the supermodel thing, or medical school, whichever comes first.