Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm just wrecked today, but in a good way.
I'm still crying and laughing. What an amazing night!!!

Crazy coot Michelle Bachman squeaked out victory and it looks like Al Franken might lose to Mr. Scumbag himself Norm Coleman. How does this happen in a state that went over the top for Obama?

I hope they are letting the Obama family just sleep all day or lay around the living room in their pj's watching movies.

Does anyone else think that secretly John McCain is at home feeling more than a little relieved?


Border Explorer said...

McCain's concession speech was a class act. He did look relaxed and at ease in a way he never looked when out stumping. It is nice to have the "good" McCain back again.

Bubs said...

I do think McCain is maybe relieved.

Today has been a day of happy stupor.

themom said...

I've been too ecstatic to even think about McCain. Face it, where could anyone go today and the conversation wasn't about Obama??? I doubt anywhere. Every member in my family has gone to that "censure Bachmann" site - so at least she may be publicly censured from the House. At last news, I heard Franken and Coleman were only 700+ votes apart - automatic recount. Interesting.

Anonymous said...


Sheleta said...

girl i never thought about it, but you're right. john mccain is like "damn, i'm glad i don't have to spend another minute with sarah palin. send her ass back to alaska pronto! no round trip ticket to washington. if she comes back, it's on her own dime."

Mommy said...

sheleta - Your comment sounds totally correct.

Made me giggle.