Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Election Questions

Why do we say that the party that lost the Presidential election is "imploding" or "fractured"? The GOP still won 48% of the popular vote. That's a significant number and hardly implies an implosion.

Who stole John McCain's soul? Do you think he's regretting letting Karl Rove and Satan run his campaign? Where is the centrist, pro-choice, populist politician he used to be? Now THAT man could have given the Democrats a run for their money. THAT man might have beaten us.

When will the rank and file Republicans take back their party? Can they?

I worry for the personal safety and health of Barack Obama and his family. Anyone else? Right wing nut jobs are far more likely to take an actual shot. Can we trust the Secret Service to do their job? There have already been significant death threats - are they up to the task?

Sarah Palin - flash-in-the-pan with delusions of power or future GOP candidate? Great article here.

Will the Supreme Court ultimately uphold the constitutional rights of gays to legally marry?

How can America vote in W in 2004, then go all Democrat on us in 2008? I love it but it begs the question.

Did the GOP rig the 2000 and 2004 elections? Why didn't they this time?


Anonymous said...

I think the infighting is leaving the impression that the Republicans are imploding. I think they are regrouping, but who will win the tug of war between the know-nothings/haters and the country club/free-marketers?

McCain made some really bad decisions all in the name of getting elected instead of staying true to his principles, didn't he?

And yes - I definitely worry about the Obamas' safety. I understand that the Secret Service is excellent, but there is so much hate and fear out there. And those haters own guns.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

I wonder who we are gonna make fun of now? Even Jon Stewart is worried.

Political Cartoonists are currently in a post-election kick line of delight, but -boy - are their jobs gonna be difficult.

I hope the only danger the Obamas face is a terrier puppy with a fondness for shoes.

Melinda June said...

I think the old John McCain is going to show up in Washington next week, and I think Obama's team should actively seek his public involvement in policy. Imagine two years from now if the two candidates that fought that horrible campaign we just witnessed had figured out publicly how to work together for public best interest?

I do think the GOP is imploding. 48% voted their way, but with the zealots and the marketeers blaming the other's demagoguery for the Troubles of 08, they've become a 24/24 party for now. I'm sure they'll figure it out and try to rise again, but first they have to both own which bit of their own ideologies was out of touch with the rest of the country. Which thus far has gone nowhere - read John Boehnner's op ed in the Washington Post today for proof that they have no clue what people are currently looking for from their leaders. Or read any statement by Sarah Palin.

themom said...

I honestly don't believe that 48% was a true to the core Republican stat. I think the contributing factor came from those "afraid to vote for a black man." As to why they didn't rig this election - there were too many eyes on them - yet they stll managed to initimidate and misinform a good many voters. The Republican party has some major work ahead of them - in order to regain what they once had.

Oh yes, I worry about Obama's safety. I read this morning that a car actually tried to pass his convoy as he was heading to a briefing - and the cars all had guns pointed at this intruder. Talk about a shock. (or would that guy be an idiot?)

Anonymous said...

The Republicans will never again become a viable party until they kick the evangelical Taliban to the god damned curb. Part of the reason Obama got so many cross over Republicans is that ood people of faith who use their god given right to think for themselves are tired of the haters using religion as a club to bash those with whom they disagree.

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be good people of faith, not odd people of faith. What evs.

kim said...

Minnesota Sister,

I completely agree with you about worrying about the safety of President Obama and his family. God Speed.

I'm not sure what will happen with the current state of the Republican party. But I am quite sure that the vibe of America is going to hit them and hit it fast. They will get over each other and move on. Let's hope they can and support and keep our new president safe.

...tom... said...


"Did the GOP rig the 2000 and 2004 elections? Why didn't they this time?"

Uhmmm ...because they did not in 2000, did not in 2004, and could/did not in 2008..??

Just a crazy thought.


Johnny Yen said...

I agree with Kirby. The party has a split personality. In the end, like Dole in 1996, McCain lost his nerve and cozied up to the lunatic religious fringe. I think that if he would not have done this, he might have won the election.

About 25% of Americans will vote for the Democrats no matter what and 25% will vote for the Republicans no matter what. The fight is for the 50% in the middle. I learned this when I studied Political Science 25 years ago, and it still holds true. The fight will always be for the center. Until the Republicans make the decision to ditch its fringe, the way the Dems did in 1992, they'll keep losing elections.

I also agree with Tom. I don't think the elections are rigged. Yes, there are individual acts of hanky panky, like Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, but those only mattered because the race was close.

This election was fascinating. I think Palin's asshole comment about "unlike being a community organizer, a governor has actual responsibilities" came back to bite her in the ass. It was Obama's experiences as a community organizer that was key to his victory. This election will permanantly change the way people run campaigns.

A family friend was a secret service agent and I can tell you they are very, very good at their jobs. Yes, there are plenty of armed whackjobs out there, but fortunately they tend to make themselves pretty obvious.

Mnmom said...

Excellent comments all!! Perhaps I should have posted them one at a time?

Anonymous said...

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