Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Politics, Just Cookies

Dear Friend MG already posted a hilarious account of our cookie day, and I have to offer my two cents. MG and I whipped up multiple batches of gingerbread cut outs, chocolate chips, chocolate crinkles, and pecan sandies. A fantastic way to usher in the Holiday season. Poor MG was a bit undone by the constant interruption and noise of three kids plus a neighbor kid add-on. MG lives in adult-land where you have complete sentences, listen to your own music, and have utter control over the frosting and the powdered sugar.

It's nice to be posting about happy things, like gingerbread men, instead of political rancor. My recipe for these cookies is incredible.

MG is going to hate the above photo - it makes him look about 40lbs heavier than he is. But on his blog I look like Mrs. Claus on prednisone, so we're even!

Here you can see the mess we created, helped along by two nine-year-old "elves'

Previously I had posted here a photo of one of my teens and her girlfriends at their first formal dance of their High School years. She was so upset by this that I acquiesced and took it down. Twin #1 also begged me not to post her photo. You'll have to take my word for it, they were beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a delicious time making those cookies. I'm going to email ou for the recipe.

Your daughter is gorgeous and frighteningly grown up. We did not look like at 14, did we?

Missy said...

Who swiped the bottom of their skirts???

Delicious sounding cookie day!

FranIAm said...

I emailed you already- before I even got to the comment!! Cookies!

14? Come on!?! I know - I have a 12 year old step daughter, I can see it coming!

michaelg said...

Nope that's about what I look like. #*%#@$#!

I'm with Missy. Where are the bottom of their skirts? They sure looked cute though. I love that your twins aren't 14 going on 30. They are definitely going on 15, which is cool.

Little Sister said...

I want to see the picture!! Gosh darnit! Email it to me.

Shan said...

Mmmmmm, I want to live at your house.

I would have LOVED to see your gorgeous girls in their dresses!!! And you can tell them I said so. Julia would have FLIPPED OUT to have seen such a thing: glamorous!!!

Anonymous said...

No Politics, Just Cookies
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