Monday, March 9, 2009

How to play tricks on kids if you are old

The prior post reminded my sisters, my cousins, and me of our Grandpa Ginny. Ginny was the original character.
For one thing, he never wore anything but overalls.
He tied those overall pant legs shut with baling twine in winter so the wind wouldn't blow up his legs.
He used to approach a meal surrounded by his seven children and wife and say "Well Wife, looks like I screwed myself out of a place at the table!".
Every morning he'd say "By God, it's a beautiful day!"
He told us not to swim in the stock tank because we'd catch cold, get polio, and come out like Humpy Kubichek.
Whenever he'd read his beloved Louis L'Amour books, he'd make a pot of coffee and a pan of beans.
He had arms like lead from milking herds of cows by hand all his life.
He caught his 5th child during a home delivery, while the Doc was hung up in a blizzard, and put the baby in a basket in the open oven door to keep it warm. That baby is my Uncle Sam.

ANYWAY . . . . I have a point. My sister wants me to tell you this story.
Grandpa Ginny and Gramma Gie had a log cabin/playhouse out back. They lived in a large hotel but that's a story for another day. One day prior to Halloween, Grandpa found a large stash of eggs. He knew that town kids were hiding their stash for mischief on Halloween. So Ginny brought them all carefully into the house, and he and Gie hard boiled each and every one of them, put them back in the cartons, and placed them carefully back in the playhouse.

That's my gene pool, and I'm HAPPY TO BE FROM IOWA!!!!


Churlita said...

Those are the kind of people that make struggling through the Iowa Winters and Summers bearable. I do love living in Iowa, and mostly it's because the other inhabitants are as weird and dorky as I am.

themom said...

What a wonderful memory. I agree with Churlita...those kind of antics DO make life bearable, and encourage a wonderful sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

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