Friday, March 13, 2009

Subterranean Homesick Blues

I've got this song in my head today. Makes for a fun Friday. Hope yours is just as fun.


Beth said...

dang I can't do U Tube @ work! Less than an hour to dismissal!

Jennifer and Sandi said...


Yeah, bring on the 50 degrees!!

Have a super weekend! We are off to Two Harbors for the weekend to stay at a cottage up there!

- Jennifer

Sheleta said...

I'm so glad it's warming up. This has been the best Friday ever. Your song, it's above ZERO DAMNED DEGREES and it's pay-day Friday--and it just happens to be the Friday that I don't have to pay the day care bill--so I can go out and spring for me a pair of socks and get some bologna for my bread!

Lisa said...

Perfect song. I loved the version the mixed group of singers did on the Young Ones, too.

Have a great weekend, M!

Anonymous said...

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