Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time for some Mommy Bragging Rights

It's Rock-n-Roll Revival time at Northfield HS. Every other year, the HS puts on this 50's and 60's musical extravaganza. Now let the bragging begin! It's very hard for freshman to get in to the RRR show, it's usually upperclassmen. Not only did my Twin #1 get in as a freshman, but she got a SOLO to boot! That's her in the photo above, in the middle.
You wouldn't believe how good this show is! They have incredible adult professionals give these kids vocal and dance coaching. Several adults work on the numbers and costuming throughout the year. TEN area hairstylists do 5 hours of hairdos prior to each show. I think they buy Aquanet by the case. Twin #1 third from the left, above.
This is Twin #1 doing back up for "Go Jimmy Go". The band is amazing - they are so good it's hard to remember they are just HS kids. I just can't tell you how great this show is!!!!!
Here she is. My baby! Performing her solo song "He Was Really Sayin' Something".


Mommy Lisa said...

Rockin! That looks like so much FUN!

Beth said...

She must be amazing! BRAG away! Love it! Rock On!

Sheleta said...

Girl look at that baby!!! What baby? That's a grown woman! Looking FAB might I add. I see you all up in her! She's got your personality! Wonderful parenting. Should you be writing a book to help the rest of us out?

Don't keep all the secrets to raising good kids to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Bop bop shooby do wop, I love that song.

Jennifer and Sandi said...


Happy SP Day!

- Jennifer

themom said...

That is so cool. You go PROUD MAMA! Brag all you want.

FranIAm said...

That is so great! Brag brag brag away!!

I love her outfit - wonderful!

Bubs said...


Enjoy the bragging, it's well-deserved! They look like they're having a blast.

Little Sister said...

Mmmm...I wonder where all this talent and confidence comes from...mmmm?
P.S. She looks beautiful...brag on, momma.

Shan said...

I was sooooo sad they were sold out and I missed it. I would have gone all by myself to see it--esp. your babe and her solo!

Next year I will find out about this much earlier and be there FOR SURE.

Congrats to M. and to you as well! Fantastic!

Churlita said...

That's so great. I love those kinds of things. Did you get a little teary eyed while she was performing? I'm such a sap when my girls do stuff like that.

Anita said...

Twin #1 is amazingly lovely too! You have every right to brag, just keep doing it.

Lisa said...

Wow! That looks like a great show! Your girls are so beautiful and talented.

What a wonderful thing for them to be a part of - and I know that so much work goes into this. Good for them!

Cheesecake Maven said...

That show was FABULOUS!!! None of us there could believe they all were only high schoolers, it was simply incredible! I'LL BE THERE IN 2011! Get me five tickets FOR SURE!

Anonymous said...

Time for some Mommy Bragging Rights
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