Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Thoughts for a Sunday

1. This week, while walking across campus to a computer workshop, I walked by a bank of prairie plantings alive with the sound of crickets. Bliss.

2. Another chunk of bliss: the salad bar at work. Wish I had a stocked salad bar at home with all those luscious choices and someone to chop them up and clean the mess.

3. Wonder how much it would cost to refinance every American currently in foreclosure? Taxpayers giving to taxpayers – what a concept!

4. How many Wall Street moguls know how to operate a coin laundry? Or fill out a financial aid form? Or change their own oil? Or make a casserole? Or fix a zipper? Meh – they’re not so smart.

5. I’m not going to talk about she-who-will-not-be-named anymore, because what you resist, persists. I’m going to talk about Obama. I heard today that her running mate paid a Hollywood make-up artist over $5,000 for services before TV appearances. Talk about lipstick on a pig!

6. Liberals are just really, really great people.

7. Why is giving the people who paid the taxes some healthcare or other financial assistance “socialism” but a massive bail-out of the rich after they poop their pants is sound government policy?

8. One phenomena of the cell-phone age I don’t like? Teens who wait inside buildings and friend’s houses and won’t come out until you call them to let them know you are outside. Whatever happened to just watching out the window?

9. Ever feel like Fall is just slipping by too quickly? It’s so beautiful and I spend so much of it in a windowless office.

10. Damn groceries are expensive!


D.Debil said...

Regarding your point # "1. This week, while walking across campus to a computer workshop, I walked by a bank of prairie plantings alive with the sound of crickets. Bliss. "

I recently visited the campus of Georgia Tech and was excited to see that they are moving their campus plantings towards a sustainable landscaping using native plants and re-establishing a stream that was previously buried.

They will have more shade and use less water and the campus will have a more woodland feel to it.

I like this trend, because it results in less energy usage, and for Atlanta in particular, less water usage.


Sheleta said...

Girl how can we put you on the write in ballot for Senate? I don't want Norm Coleman in there, but I don't trust Al Franken. You'd be perfect. Instead of tax payers helping banks, how about we help each other. Cause the banks don't give a damn about us. If they did, they wouldn't charge us $34 every time we didn't have money. I say release the NSF charges and we'll consider the bail out plan. Hell in fact, take the NSF charges from my account last year alone and that should put a dent in things

Missy said...

where do I even begin!?!?1

AMEN to all of that!

I would love my own salad bar and I do not understand #7 either. I would rather have my share of the $700 billion to take care of my bills.

Shan said...

Amen to all of that also. When I was in college with access to a giant stocked salad bar, I ate big gorgeous salads every day. It was wonderful! I almost never have salads at home. Oh, and as for fall? I KNOW! It IS slipping away too quickly! It occurred to me today that soon all of a sudden it will be freezing and that in-between time when you can wear, say, bare legs with a skirt as long as you've got a cardigan on over your t-shirt (you know: not too hot, not too cold) will be OVER. Those temps only last about 3 days! We always seem to go straight from tank tops to sweaters!

Falwless said...

Excellent list!

tshsmom said...

Great post and I totally agree!
The one exception is #8. I can't think of one thing I LIKE about the cell phone phenomenon.

I could cry every time I think how far $700 billion would go if applied to fixing our health care mess or Social Security.

I'm thinking that we'll all be able to cash checks for free at ANY bank in the country. We own them, don't we?

Border Explorer said...

Love your 10 random thoughts. You've obviously got a lot going on between your ears! A+

themom said...

is there something wrong with oujr government????????

neal said...

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