Monday, February 2, 2009

We don't need no stinkin groundhogs

Hope you can read our Mayor's latest proclamation defeating the notion that a mere groundhog can tell US when winter will be over. Read to the masses at the latest Defeat of Groundhog Day celebration in Northfield, MN. Evidently the gathering was a success. Alas, I couldn't attend because my kids were sick. Also because it was dark and cold outside and I had my comfy clothes on. If you want a better copy of the proclamation, click through the second link.

Northfielders like to proclaim their defeat of things. Note our historic Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration.


Missy said...

Hilarious and smart.

Missy said...

Please make winter be over. I know you have the power.

Anonymous said...

"We don't need no stink in groundhogs"
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