Thursday, February 12, 2009

Honey, that might not be a good idea

From our local news station:

EULESS, Texas -- Officials cleared out a Dallas-area elementary school briefly Thursday morning after a second-grade student brought a deactivated hand grenade for show and tell.

Police say the student walked into his classroom with the grenade at Oakwood Terrace Elementary School. The teacher took it, placed it on a desk and notified the principal.

The school was evacuated until police arrived and inspected the object. Although the grenade still had a pin, it had a hole at the bottom and was empty -- the sort of thing that might be used as a paperweight.

No injuries were reported. Students returned to their classrooms after 15 minutes, and the unidentified student was getting a good talking to from police.

Guess I'll have to go to youngest's backpack and take out those six shooters, the fillet knife, and the bong. It was going to be a rockin' show and tell!


FranIAm said...

Was this because of Darwin's birthday, evolution vs. creationism and something about the Big Bang Theory?

Bubs said...

I remember taking my eldest for a tour of our crime lab when she was in second grade. I was friends with the director, who was a woman and I thought, an excellent role model. My daughter left with some neat stuff like fingerprint cards and a couple of fired bullets and shell casings. She was going to do a presentation at school, and then got this horrified look on her face. She remembered that school policy forbade "objects that promote violence" and so she couldn't use the fired bullets or shell casings for her report.

I went to school almost every day "armed" with a pocket knife. Now that would get you expelled and/or arrested.


...tom... said...


Guess I'll have to go to youngest's backpack and take out ... and the bong.

Might be OK if it is the Michael Phelps-endorsed model...

( Unbelievably, or maybe not, Phelps bong returns about 4,850,000 Google results. ...sigh... )


Sheleta said...

Oh my Lawd! If he got that at school, ain't o telling what kind of weapons they got at the boy's house. It's official, I'm home schooling!!!