Saturday, February 7, 2009

Simple Pleasures are the best

One thing that I absolutely love about blogging is the certainty that simple things make most of us happy. Despite our bizarre media and rampant consumer culture, blogging has shown me that most of you are quite content with easy pleasures.

Some of them include:

For Michael - it's his garden
For Johnny Yen - it's good music
For Lisa - it's her children
For Dr. Monkey - it's a good junk store
For Sheletta - it's her son
For Madame Leiderhosen -it's a good skein of yarn
For Bubs - it's a nice cocktail at home
For Little Sister - it's a craft project with her son
For Cheesecake Maven - it's a walk in the woods
For themom - it's hearing from her grown son
For Christopher - it's funny things kids do
For Shan - it's love from her daughters
For Fran - it's her dog
For Kirby - it's her son
For Some Guy - it's newfangled toothpaste
For Missy - it's the sharp dressed man
For Melinda June -it's finding some good cereal
For Kirelimel - it's Christmas figurines.

Strangely, for some of you I could link to individual posts. For others, well, not.


Missy said...

a fun post! I have to get through all those links later because it is so nice outside!

themom said...

It's amazing how well we know each other by now. How considerate of you to put it all in print. It warmed up to 54 degrees today and very little snow left on the ground. Very nice for a change.

FranIAm said...

Lovely!!! Thanks for doing this including a link to me.

Lisa said...

What a brilliant and lovely way to highlight each of us! Thank you for including me in that list. I'm looking forward to visiting those who I haven't read yet!

Sheleta said...

Girl it sure is my little Andrew. I just watched Madagascar 2 for the fifteenth time in a row, and it just came out on Friday night! And guess what? Seeing the smile on his face when he gets to his favorite scenes makes me long for the 16th time!

Beth said...

Fun post...

About Dog Sledding... we stayed in Siren Wisconsin and the sledding was in Danbury. I can tell you more if you want... email me at

bethanne60 at

Johnny Yen said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

The amazing thing about blogging is that it is a simple pleasure in itself. When I first heard of blogging, I was dubious about it. Now I find it an essential part of existence, both reading and writing.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the linky link.

Anonymous said...

Hey- found you through CP. The 5 things hated. You are really awesome to comment!! I will put your blog on my faves!

I think you can come up w/ 5 things that you hate??? It's really easy, just start typing in one comment, the other flows from there!! Tina

Cheesecake Maven said...

Great list and a good reminder of what is real in life. Very few of the things on that list can be purchased! Thanks for blogging them all!

Bubs said...

What wonderful little post! Thanks for the link, too.

It's really good to be reminded of those simple pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It is odd, isn't it, how the people we meet blogging become so very real to us in such a short amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Simple Pleasures are the best
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