Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Blogger!

Give a huge round of applause for my husband and his new blog "Construction U".
Here this talented man will be offering free advice on your construction questions. Yes, you read that right, FREE!! Got an issue with your contractor? Can't make sense of a bid? Wondering how much that deck might cost? Looking for green building materials? He's your go-to-man.
We're trying this, and a myspace page for him, in order to generate interest in his resume and exceptional skills. Go visit!!


tshsmom said...

What a great idea! You can't beat free advertising!
I've got a lot of family in your area. If I hear of any of them needing work done, I'll refer them to hubby's blog. Good luck!

Scott J. said...

Blogs are supposed to be about politics, music or cats! And maybe cheesecake. But that's it!


laurie said...

wow, what a great idea.
i will check it out.

and if he can get on Angie's List, that will bring him lots of business. that's how we find everybody we hire for everything.

good luck!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Totally cool. I may be sending questions his way if we buy the house we want.