Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day of Good Things

First, some great things about going "Up North"
1. Truly Northwoods cabins beside one of the clearest lakes I have ever seen in my life.
2. Watching my New York Italian husband catch fish. Of course, he makes his daughters and me bait his hook and take off the fish he catches, but he sure enjoyed the catching!
3. Watching my 9-year-old take to snorkeling like she's done it all her life.
4. Laying in the sun, listening to the loons, feeling the boat sway in the waves, with my line in the water.
5. A king sized campfire
6. Good times with my husband, my kids, their cousins, and my siblings. THIS is what life is about.

Now, today's good things and to hell with Martha Stewart
1. A large homemade iced mocha! With espresso from my stovetop pot, Hershey's syrup, and 1% milk. My espresso doesn't have that deep dark flavor you'd get from a commercial machine but it's pretty darned close.
2. Cleaned out several cupboards and purged old crap. I feel a garage sale coming on!
3. Time to bake a batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies.
4. We'll soon have a Democratic Administration.
5. My job with benefits, something we haven't had since 1990.
6. I'm trying a new tactic with my raging 14-year-old. I'm ignoring everything. This takes about 300% more energy than calling her on her disrespectful behavior towards me. She still has rules, consequences, etc but I don't answer all her teenage drama. It takes all my strength not to fight back.

Excuse me, the first sheet of cookies just came out of the oven - hmmmmmm, warm chocolate chip cookies - is there anything better?? Anyway . . . .

7. The weather is delightful
8. I've got my comfy shorts on
9. Kids are all at friends' houses until 5pm and I have the radio to myself. Can you say Geezer Rock??
10. Time to do some serious laundry. This is one household chore I actually enjoy. I love the smell of detergent and the feel of warm clothes fresh from the dryer.


Some Guy said...

Life is good! I can practically smell those cookies.

Shan said...

I am envying that iced mocha. Also, the photograph of your coffee drink actually made me gasp. Out loud. Yes, I am lame, lame, lame. But I love me a good iced coffee drink.

Your Itasca trip sounded divine. I love it up there! Sooooo beautiful. You're so right; that's what life is all about!!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You are da mom bomb.

Anonymous said...

Don't answer the drama. I like that.

Bubs said...

This is perfect--cookies, relaxation, being up nort. Your "up nort" posts got me planning a trip to the U.P., so thanks.