Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The High School Schedules are Posted!!

If anyone in the Northfield region is experiencing phone outages, you can blame my girls and their newly-freshman friends. The word got out that the High School class schedules were posted today. So of course the absolute MINUTE I walked in the door, they were begging me to logon and print. It's done, and there is now a flurry of texting.

Remember those days? When it mattered so very much WHO was in class with you? And if you had to sit next to Smelly Richard or Best Friend Julie it could make or break your year?


Missy said...

I remember those days, but I don't always miss them!

Funny thing- my husband just called me from Northfield and he could not maintain a signal! Now I know why!

Shan said...

Ugh, I remember them and wish I didn't. I don't look forward to being a parent of kids in that stage, either. Plus, why does everything school-related start back up in July? It's depressing. Isn't there 1/3 of the summer left? Who wants to think about school schedules?

Mnmom said...

Missy - that's too funny!!!!!

Shan - same reason that the Halloween costumes will be in Target next week.

Christopher Tassava said...

Strange. I remember walking to the high school to pick up my schedule, but I don't remember caring one whit about it - except to make sure I was in the right classes. More proof that girls are weird.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I remember being so glad for shcool because it got me off that damn farm for a few hours.