Monday, July 14, 2008

End our dependence on oil.

I just heard about the Pickens Plan.
This is a former oil man who recognizes the energy crisis inherent in oil dependence. He is pushing a plan to replace about 1/3 of our oil usage with natural gas, and pushing to replace 1/3 of our electricity generation with wind. He doesn't go as far as I'd like, but it's a start. Go to The Pickens Plan and tell me what you think.


tshsmom said...

Like you said, it's a START.
I'd also like to see solar energy harvested in our desert states, among other things. We can't just sit back and wait until the last barrel of oil is drilled.

Scotty said...

Pickens Plan Public Discussion Forum :

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

He can be for anything he wants but remember he's still a Republican who strongly supported Bush and he strongly supports Bush McCain.

Scott J. said...

He also has a considerable personal financial interest in the NG industry, so his motives are slightly suspect.

That said, it's good to see a wealthy Republican at least bring up the subject of alternative energy production. Go wine power! err... wind power!