Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Fabulous Bicycle

I've started riding my vintage Schwinn, DOTTIE, to work!
LOVE this bike, with it's groovy beach handle bars and generous baskets.
Either I have good self-esteem or I'm delusional but I think I'm damn cute riding around on that thing.

Today some wicked storms blew in during working hours, complete with tornado warnings.
While riding home, the actual sirens started to blow.  
I pumped those pedals as fast as my stumpy legs could go.
Then it hit me, what I REALLY look like on that bike . . . . . 

Getting Old Sucks.


Shannon said...

OMG, you are HILARIOUS!!!!! I bet you look super cute! Btw, love your sweet babysitting daughter. Hope the other one can still come on Tuesday night. Congrats on the biking and keep it up, only not in tornadoes!

Cathy said...

I bet you are soooo adorable riding that bike!! Nothing at all like the last picture. Those storms were nasty...glad your bike got you home safely!

Lesli said...

I love my bike(s). I have 2 - one pink and one lavender. They are Petunia and Iris!

Your post reminds me of last night. My husband told me to look out the window because the sky was such a weird, creepy green color. I told him I was too scared to look outside because I thought I was going to see the Witch from Wizard of Oz riding by!

I am sure you look adorable!

SkylersDad said...

Great. Now I have the wizard of oz "bike riding" music going through my head!

Churlita said...

I ride my bike to work almost every day, and while I ride, I always hear that wicked witch music in my head.

MommyLisa said...

You are so the picture in the red dress! No wicked old lady!!! :)

Now I want a vintage bike! You have one and Whiskey has TWO. ;)

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