Monday, August 18, 2008

Thoughts on the Mall of America

This past Saturday I took my twin teens and their friends to MOA - that's how we locals refer to the Mall of America. Here are some random thoughts . . . .

1. If you ever have a desire to travel to the Twins Cities to see the Mall of America, I'll save you the trouble. Go to your local mall at 1pm on Christmas Eve and walk by every single store 17 times. Now go to your local county fair and walk the midway another 17 times. There! You've just done the Mall of America.

Instead, travel to the Twin Cities and come to my house - I'll make lasagna.

2. Thoughts upon entering the QVC store: "What the Hell am I doing in here?!?!? I hate this crap!! What's the matter with me?!??!"

3. Thoughts upon entering the Barnes and Noble "OK, getting better"

4. Thoughts on finding an empty table at the back of the Starbucks in said Barnes and Noble with my library book in tow "This is the ONLY way to do the MOA".

5. This year, I gave the teens a set amount of cash for school shopping and told them there would be NO MORE CLOTHING MONEY until deep winter and to fly away to those horrible teen stores with their loud music and leave Mommy in peace. Worked beautifully.

6. I saw many, many struggling toddlers having fits in strollers. Usually I sympathize with these parents, but who in their right mind would take a toddler to the MOA? Those parents should just stay home and hit each other in the foreheads with a hammer and leave the poor baby out of it. Honestly, get a sitter!!

7. Twins and I had a lovely lunch together while they showed me their quite sensible clothing choices. Heaven comes in very small packages sometimes.


Fran said...

It is a place that I have zero desire to go to... but lasagna and I will bring the tall, cold ones and we will have a lovely evening at your place.

Let me start mapquesting now!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I fear the MOA because it's in MN. In my mind it's always winter in the state you live in.

Unknown said...

This is so funny... I was there on Sunday and had the same thoughts... I told my 20 yr old that I hated babystrollers @@ Also that Nickelodeon Crap was insane... We only live about 7 mins away and I just don't like the place! ugh

laurie said...

you're so funny. i never go there.

when it was about to open, i was working as a reporter for the duluth paper. i came down and toured the place and wrote a story that said it was just another mall.

got in a bit of trouble for that one...

Cheesecake Maven said...

I hate shopping malls of any size and shape. Period. You can read about my escapades in an old blog I wrote after visiting the "Mallister" store, as we call it, I think the title of the blog as "I love my small town life", maybe posted back in March of 2008?

Billie Greenwood said...

Been there one time. Toured through it with a young Bolivian woman. Her comment at the Build-A-Bear store was something like: "Why wouldn't people want to buy clothes for a poor child instead of for a toy bear?"
I didn't have an answer.

tshsmom said...

MOA is OK if you want to buy a unique gift, but for normal, everyday shopping, it's worthless...and expensive.

I did the same thing when my daughter was a teen. You have X amount of dollars. You can either buy one set of designer clothes, or numerous off-brand outfits. Daughter is now 30 and quite the bargain hunter. I'm taking full credit for this. ;)

Mnmom said...

Fran - looking forward to it!
Dr. Monkey - actually summer here is delightful, you should try it.
Beth - ain't it the truth.
Laurie - Good for you!
CM - like rats in a coffee can
Border - EXACTLY!!!!
Tshs - I will also be taking full credit.