Wednesday, October 3, 2007

OK, so maybe my kids aren't SO bad

A 14-year-old St. Paul girl, charged Wednesday for allegedly bringing crystal methamphetamine to her middle school, pleaded guilty to second-degree sale of a controlled substance, a felony. Seven students at Hazel Park Middle School Academy, including the girl, were taken to hospitals after they ingested the crystal meth. The girl was arrested and a search of her home turned up about two grams of the drug, authorities said.

Kind of puts a new spin on my angst over my kids this past weekend. At least I'm not THAT girl's mother.


kirelimel said...

That girl's mother may even wear her undies on the outside without indending to...there you go- "if you ever act like an ingrate again, I may become a meth addict and drive carpool!"

michaelg said...

WHERE did you get the meth makeover pictures? That is so frightening.
I think your daughters are just typical bratty 13 year olds, who also happen to be fabulous kids. (I love your girls. Y.O. and I will have to make a play date because I didn't get much of her at your party.) If they love you 60% and detest you 40% at that age, they are probably on par with every 13 year old girl that has ever lived. Teenage boys hate their parents some too, but they just don't talk about it so much.