Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At least I'm not as fat as Jabba the Hut

So I've lost about 16lbs so far on my 50lb journey to health. Oh who am I kidding - it's not so much about health as it is about buying some of those cute clothes in the J.Jill catalog!! Health is nice, you bethca. But those large, off center belts with the gorgeous loopy sterling silver buckles are the TRUE goal. The extreme-ness of my rear end is falling into a more reasonable range meaning my coats and sweaters don't hitch up on it anymore. And my boobs finally enter a room BEFORE my belly.
I'm learning to love low-fat microwave popcorn and eschew pepperoni pizza. My blogging friend MG is also walking this path and I wish him well.


Melinda June said...

Me, too. I am 14lbs down on Weight, and am ramping up my gym use.

By the way, I tagged you.

michaelg said...

Go Margaret! Go Mindy!

F is for Fabulous! Some gals just look good in everything they try on.