Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Bad Habits

A new list . . .
Bad habits I'm trying to break or at least tone down . .
What are yours??

1. Interrupting people
2. My couch potato status - I'm trying to walk 3 times per week.
3. My addiction to salt and fat
4. My Diet-Pepsi-a-day habit
5. Book buying. I'm like a junkie in book stores - I need to use the public library more often.
6. Letting the kids watch too much TV
7. Sitting here blogging
8. Buying songs on iTunes
9. Taking the bait when my kids want to fight me - breathe, breathe, breathe
10. Not dusting


kirelimel said...

While I would love to make a list, I just have no bad habits- aside from being so plainly perfect that others cannot help but compare themselves only to come up depressed at their own inadequacy.

Mnmom said...

good answer