Friday, February 4, 2011

The Winter of my Random Discontent

1. Finished "Just Kids" by Patti Smith.  I understood maybe 3 references in the whole book.

2. I love salmon.  Why does it have to cost so much?

3. As a kid, I used to think I was mentally challenged and no one wanted to tell me.

4. I'm speaking at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in April.

5. The hair on my upper lip grows far too fast.

6. I love food.  I mean I really love food.  And for an overweight woman that is not a good thing.

7.  I've started sleeping better since wearing my black-out eye mask.  I always felt a kinship with Margaret Drysdale.

8. Days just go better for me if I get up early.  But sometimes I have to schedule something to force it.

9. Wish I were going on a vacation this weekend.

10. Don't think I can take another weekend holed-up in our little house. 


Liberality said...

1. Finished "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. I understood maybe 3 references in the whole book.

Okay, that tells me a LOT about where you come from! ;~) That ain't bad btw.

Liberality said...

just different :)

Mommy Lisa said...

You are CUTE. :)

Also, I have started using salmon burgers to feed my salmon fix. Much cheaper! Bonus: we call them Crabby Patties and Boo Boo scarfs them up!

SkylersDad said...

I love salmon also, it is my favorite fish. We always load up when we go see Kathy's family in Seattle.

kirelimel said...

Wanna buy some girl scout cookies?


Lisa said...

You crack me up. I loved Just Kids, but that can be explained by the fact that I was hanging out with artists and weirdos during the whole Robert Mapplethorp fisting photo flap.

Shall we say that three times fast?

Food? Ditto.
Getting up early? Ditto.
Vacation? Some would say my life is a vacation. But ditto!
The upper lip dust broom? WHAT is up with that? I'm a plucker.
Congratulations on your speaking engagement!
And you can have my salmon. I try to like it, but ...... yeah. No.

kirby said...

Throw some ear plugs in with the sleep mask, and you'd sleep so long you'd make Tom Selleck jealous.

Anita said...

Ah my to your list:
1. I have no desire to read it
I am with you on 2 and 6.
3 worries me, no way girl! rock, if you'd like to speak at ours it would be like a vacation!!
5....oh dear, that sucks.
7...too funny
8 no thanks
9, couch always open for you, this fall, I'll have beds open!!
10. Hope you were able to get out, winter is long in MN, wish I could help.

Shannon said...

Hey, congrats on the speech this spring! That is so awesome! You will be fantastic. I feel the same way about salmon. Also? I really, really love food too. I swear to God, it is only running 20-some miles per week that keeps me thin. Not that I don't go up and down now and then. But honestly I have pretty much no willpower.

Churlita said...

I always felt a kinship with Margaret Drysdale.


I love food too. I'm just lucky that I love to run as well.