Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because sometimes you just need to bitch

New things and old things that make me cranky. I can't be positive ALL the time.

1. 107.1 FM has let Kevyn Burger go for no apparent reason. This is the woman who invited me on her show and let me do my silly ranting and raving. She's an exceptional woman and I can't even begin to understand this decision.

2. Breast Cancer sucks. A friend has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. In the breast cancer world, IBC is a most horrid demon. She has 3 kids from about 7 to 15. She's a tough woman, and if anyone can fight this beast she can. But pray/think/send love for her anyway.

3. Snow and cold in October. A friend's blog sums it up best.

4. Moving. The house is ripped up, boxes everywhere, nothing looks or feels cozy.

5. Why can't kids put their dishes IN the dishwasher?

6. Why must my teens spread their homework, sweatshirts, etc. all over the couch AND the kitchen chairs?

7. Johnny C and I are just bugging the living bejeebus out of each other. I'm sure it's the stress.

8. Because of the move, I'm not decorating the front porch for Halloween - and I just LOVE Halloween!! Maybe I should just do it anyway.

9. Nothing over the counter can stop the congestion in my head and ears. I'm ready for some street drugs - whaddya got?

10. The GOP has stripped away all pretense of Compassion and is doing the full-court mean. At least the beast is finally unveiled. They just really hate the poor, women, blacks, hispanics, the sick, etc. don't they? Must take a lot of energy to keep all that hate aflame.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

It is A-OK to be a "broom rider" when it comes to the GOP. The other stuff is just small stuff in comparison to those issues.

Missy said...

proud of your span of frustrations! Way to see beyound yourself, for real. Some people would wrap themselves up in their own troubles, which is not all bad, but I am proud of you for thinking big picture too.

That being said, should we schedule a primal scream? That may clear your ears? Huh?

Do you like spicy food, maybe that will help you?

Too bad there is nothing over the counter to get people to clean.

Mommy Lisa said...

They REALLY let Kevyn go?? I thought she was really popular?

Anonymous said...

Hoping your friend and her family get through this difficult time.

Shan said...

Yeah, that's a pretty sucky list. I am thinking about you! Hey, have you ever tried Mucinex? I never had, but then 1-1/2 years ago I had a sinus infection so bad the prescription antibiotic I got didn't even work, until my NP told me to get Mucinex also. It's OTC. She has me take it any time I get a cold, b/c I suffer such terrible congestion. It works!

Churlita said...

I'm sending positive thoughts to your friend. I had a scare a couple of hears ago and they still check the "spot" every time I have a mammogram. I hope she beats it.

Fran said...

Jesus on a waffle, you do need to bitch sister, so bitch on!

Wow - I am praying for your friend. Cancer does suck and you sure know that.

I say go decorate the porch... just do it. You'll feel better.

P.S. I worked in the media business for years. Ack. They let people go for no reason all the time, it stinks! Especially radio!

joe said...

Man, what a whiner..

joe said...

KIDDING!!! TOtally kidding!

Inflammatory breast cancer said...

very funny joke