Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's out: celebrate or commiserate?

As of 1:00 p.m. Friday, school is out here.

Reasons to commiserate:
1. Lunch. I now have to provide the kiddos some lunch. I hate making lunch.
2. Flip flops. They reproduce by the score in my mud room.
3. Wet beach towels.
4. Piles of papers from backpacks, desks, and lockers. I will have to nag and plead incessantly until they are gone.
5. The front door being slammed, slammed, slammed, slammed, slammed.
6. Thousands of extra kids in the house.
7. Kids who's bedtime is now past mine.
8. They now have more time to fight.

Reasons to celebrate:
1. It's freaking summer! NOT WINTER!
2. No more reams of papers to read, sign, fill out, etc.
3. No more dragging reluctant 10-year-olds out of bed in the morning
4. A 3 month reprieve from music concerts
5. Some time to take the family for picnics
6. Soccer games
7. Late night talks on the screened porch
8. The pool
9. Root beer floats
10. Beaches
11. Traveling to Iowa to see family and some COUSIN TIME!


Anita said...

Ok, let me state, I could have written those first 8 but then again, I can also write the second 11 for the most part, substitute TX for IA and we are good!
I've conquered a few of the nasty ones, they are old enough to run a load of beach towels, and make their own lunch,well not Nick, but you kwim..LOL.

I'm only one week in with the girls, and my week is wrapped up in my blog today, twin teens, love and insanity in one package!

Beth said...

We have so many freakin' flip flops it is crazy! But as a teacher...I LOVE summer no matter what! We have one more week...what the heck?? It is crazy! Enjoy your time with the kiddoes

FranIAm said...

Ah - the dang flip flops. It is like a pair of bunnies but in the form of a flimsy pair of shoes. One day there are two pair, then there are 200!!

themom said...

At one point in my loife I was through with all this jazz. Now with thegrandson, and his working mother...I have MOM duties all over again. Swimming lessons, baseball games, supervised activities with the neighbor kids. Good Grief...I need a break.

Missy said...

Oh those girls should be making YOU lunch!

Get out the sunscreen and dark sunglasses (to hide the eyerolling!)!

Sheleta said...

OK, you have to help me understand why summer camp is only two months, leaving one month for your child to be unattended? Do schools just think that we have a Nanny laying around waiting for that extra month between school and summer camp? What are we supposed to do with these children? The ones who are too young to stay home alone? I am going to get the address of his instructor and just continue dropping him off from August 7 to September 5!

kirelimel said...

We tried to mark the last day of school with icecream cones, pop-it's and sparklers (and that very long, loud illegal firework...) but Oldest Offspring got bored anyway. I told her she was expecting a little too much from the first few hours of vacation.

I refuse to buy but one pair of flip flops per child so once they've abandoned their sneakers my entry stays pretty clean-I also refuse to buy new sneakers after Valentine's Day- if they're tight, deal with it until the end of the year- it's not really foot binding.

Shan said...

Enjoy! Just try not to think about the first list!!!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

AMEN! Love your celebrate LIST!!!!

Happy Friday!

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Not winter? I beg to differ. The place I was planning on going to next week for a little camping got a foot of snow last night.

Churlita said...

I love Summer. I don't have half the laundry as I do in the Summer and I'd rather have a hundred pairs of flip flops, than a few pairs of boots. I also love slipping on a pair of sandals to go out, instead of boots and coats and scarves and gloves.

Best of all. I get to use up all of my vacation time in the Summer.

Anonymous said...

Why are you making lunch for teen-agers?

Cheesecake Maven said...

Okay, we did # 5,6,7, and 9 while I was up there recently - NOT BAD!!! Thanks for a mini-vacation!

Anonymous said...

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