Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strange Magic at Work Here

1. I FINALLY have a job interview! Blowing and Drifting - it's at you-know-where, wish me luck!
2. The FOR SALE sign is now in our front yard. Can't believe this economy is forcing me to sell the best house I've ever owned. We built it, we designed it, it's perfect.
3. I had my five-year cancer anniversary.
4. A woman I met at church, who was diagnosed with breast cancer the SAME WEEK I was died Saturday.
5. Anonymous friends gave us a big stack of $20 bills and tons of gift cards.

I'm overwhelmed.


Christopher Tassava said...

In order, yay, boo, yay, boo, yay. I've got my fingers crossed on #1; let me know how or if I can help.

Shan said...

Perhaps your family is interested in a lovely townhouse on the eastern edge of town? Say, 2 doors, or 4 doors, or 5 doors down from us? And then I could accost your teenage girls and talk them into being my loyal babysitters until they graduate from high school? Wait, after high school they could go to college in town and CONTINUE to be my trusty babysitters for four more years after that! Hmmm......

laurie said...

wow. that's a lot of monumental things in one post, MnMom.

deep, deep congratulations on the cancer anniversary. my wonderful Oklahoma sister in law is coming up on three years herself. so far so good.

Missy said...

I am thrilled!