Friday, February 5, 2010

Cracking me UP!

You people are totally freakin hilarious!

First good laugh of the day came from my cousin Anne, a nurse, and if you knew her Pulmonologist husband it would be even funnier:

"I just got home from Sam's Club where everybody and his dog who lives in the north hills was stocking up on milk for the expected 3 feet of snow. I drove into the garage and Husband popped his head out of the back door and jumped to my assistance to haul in the groceries - just a few things, really. Unfortunately, the 3-can pack of Dow Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner was on top - and he tripped and the cellophane-covered 3-pack landed right on it's nose on the kitchen floor. The lids broke on all three - and the white foam comes spraying out - and under pressure from the clear-wrap. Like a surgeon extricating a foreign body out of someone's gut, Husband swoops to pick up the foamy monster and throw it in the kitchen sink - it only continues to explode and foam and the next thing I know he's performing some kind of Heimlich maneuver and the spray adjusters are going nuts and he's covered with foam and now really trying to hog-tie a greased pig. The green hard-plastic canister tops are all splintered and he's tearing away the plastic wrap likes its clothing and he's got to stop arterial bleeding. I tell you, by this point I am just doubled over in painful laughter. "What's this scrubby bubble for anyway???" The look on his face - so serious - like he was really in a full code - if only we had paddles: "Charge to 300! CLEAR!!"

He honestly thought I was crying - but I was just laughing so hard.

When I told him it was bathroom cleaner, he gave up all heroic measures and the hissing subsided. And then, after he just abandoned all efforts and left the foamy corpses in the kitchen sink, he looks at me real serious.

"Honey. Don't worry. We can get more."

My #2 good laugh was here at Skyler's Dad's blog.

My #3 was here at Grant Miller Media

#4 was Dr. Monkey's Science Day!


SkylersDad said...

Thanks for the bloggy love!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, your cousin is a hoot! I love the image she draws!

Little Sister said...

Oh, soooo "Cardiopulmonary
specialist" (only because I cannot use his real name).

Churlita said...

Thank god for a good laugh. It's one of the best releases I have in my life.