Monday, January 28, 2008

25 years later . . .

I loved being tagged. Like I've said earlier, I don't have many original thoughts so being tagged gives me something to write about.

Here's the challenge: List 5 things you couldn't imagine 25 years ago. Or something to that effect. Twenty five years ago, I would have been 21. Whoa!!

1. I didn't think we could "elect" such a corrupt, conservative, Constitution-bashing administration. I believe in evolution and thought we were getting smarter. I didn't imagine any US government could erode civil rights and legal protections so quickly, and with so little protest from American citizens.

2. I didn't think I'd have all daughters, and that I'd enjoy it so much. Having all girls is a truly amazing experience. Also didn't think I'd have all my kids after the age of 31

3. I didn't think I'd meet and marry a New York Italian in my very late 20's, and that after 17 years of marriage he'd still make me weak in the knees.

4. I couldn't imagine the impact the computer and internet would have on my life. Sometimes I forget that information wasn't always right at my fingertips. I love being connected with far-flung friends and relatives almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I worry I'm too dependent.

5. I didn't think that in middle life I'd still be struggling financially. This housing slump has hit us HARD.

If Melinda June didn't tag you, you are NOW officially tagged.

Can anyone tell me, what's a meme??


Cheesecake Maven said...

What do you mean, "tagged", so now I put a list of 25 yrs later stuff on my blog too?

Mnmom said...

Yes. When you're tagged it's like the game - TAG! YOU'RE IT! - now you've been asked to take up the challenge. Usually it's to list something or answer some existential question.
I've seem a reference to "meme" as well, but I still don't know what that means.

michaelg said...

Great list! I can't believe the evil administration either, or that we aren't outraged as a nation. Stunning.

Bubs said...

It's great to see one a' these memes after it's been passed along.

It's nice to see another sane midwesterner running a blog!