Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

Just when I'm ready to start blogging and share my mundane yet brilliantly insightful comments, tragedy strikes.
I was on that bridge last week with a van full of 13-year-old soccer players. My husband was on it that very day. This is just too close to home.
When will our current stingy short-sighted administrations, both federal and state, realize that real homeland security is common sense things like keeping bridges in good repair? When will short-sighted American voters realize that a no-new-taxes pledge from a candidate really means "I'll endanger your very life with aging infrastructure and overloaded first responders".? Hmmmmm?
Many say it could have been worse, that all four lanes could have been open. However I can't imagine anything worse than losing a loved one to a preventable incident.

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