Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back from our trip Up North. What an absolutely amazing place. I was just blown away - felt like I was in another country, not just 3 hours from home. These giant freighters passing under the lift bridge gave me chills. How these massive boats stay afloat awes me. We visited Park Point beaches and felt like we were on some tropical shore. The Split Rock lighthouse was so worth the drive - the water surrounding Ellingson Island on the beach below was the most incredible jade color. Lake Superior is at an all-time low, which allowed us to walk over a rocky connection to the island. From these rocky cliffs we could look down into perfectly clear depths to see the green boulders lurking below. Ellingson Island itself is a wildlife sanctuary so we didn't venture on to the island.

I have fallen in love with the North Shore.
I'm told it happens to everyone here in Minnesota.
Guess I'm no different.

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